04 June 2013

March 2013 saw the first Matriarch UltECO5 sugar cane slew loader roll off the factory floor on its own steam. Over the past few months, the Matriarch team has been monitoring the performance of this light 5.4 ton loader whilst working within various operations of The Umhlathuze Valley Sugar Company in Zululand, KZN.

The Matriarch UltECO5 slew loader is a unique machine designed specifically for African operating conditions. Efficiency, durability and simplicity all form the backbone of this development. The Matriarch engineering design team has paid careful attention to ensuring best operator ergonomics as well as easy access to all maintenance areas, maximizing productivity in both loading operations and machine serviceability.

With a low centre of gravity and wide track width, the UltECO5 has been designed to handle slopes previously rendered un-workable for sugar cane slew loaders. Track width flexibility is offered by way of 'flipping' the drive wheel rims to space machine track width at either 2.74 or 3.00 metres respectively. The rear axle consists of lightly loaded caster wheels, which follow in the track of the differentially steered drive wheels at the front. Due to the relatively light machine mass, infield compaction is kept to a minimum.

Powered by the naturally aspirated mechanical JCB Dieselmax engine, offering maximum torque at low RPM, the average engine RPM of the UltECO5 under normal working conditions is kept to a minimum; thereby contributing to reduced fuel consumption and long term engine wear respectively.

Field trials thus far have demonstrated an average loading rate of 50 tons per hour. This load rate is achieved whilst revving the engine at just 1200 RPM; translating to an average fuel consumption of a mere 3.5 litres per hour.

Matriarch Equipment has worked hard to ensure the UltECO5 slew loader has been built smart in order to offer more to the end user, for less. Guaranteed to be the lowest cost purpose designed sugar cane slew loading machine available on the market, built using world class quality components; for those looking for an affordable option, there should be very little excuse not to own a Matriarch UltECO5.